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Session galleries will contain the option to download two sized files – high resolution is great for printing and social media is great for sharing online. Please back up these files in multiple places as soon as possible. USBs & hard drives often fail and having your files in multiple places can safeguard against losing your files.

If you have absolutely any questions for me about this, please let me know! I hope you enjoy each and every image and I can’t wait to see what you do with them!


Please use the “High Resolution File” folder containing your high res files for prints and other products.

  • CROPPING: Be aware that different sizes you choose to print will crop your images differently, (ie: an 8×10 will ‘chop’ off more than a 4×6 as the original image is in the 2:3 ratio) and some labs will take the liberty of cropping themselves if you do not do so beforehand or while uploading.

  • WHERE NOT TO PRINT: I strongly discourage the use of drugstore or discount internet photo labs. (Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc.) These utilize printing machines that make automatic color and contrast adjustments to images, causing your print to look vastly different than on screen.

  • WHERE TO PRINT: Color quality can only be guaranteed by purchasing fine art prints & albums through me as my monitor is carefully calibrated to match my professional labs.  I can help you with all of your print needs.  I can design a wall gallery for you with framed pictures or canvas wall art.  I can also design albums, or prints for frames. 

    However, I know sometimes you like to do some creating on your own!  So I have partnered with a couple of labs that I have found print with a high standard.  Mpix & Minted.  Let me know if you prefer to go the route of printing on your own and I will upload your photos to a gallery on these sites to make product design/creation so much easier for you.

    Print Labs:

    Jocelyn Espejo Photography (via Miller Labs)

    Direct Order Options:* |*

    *to serve my clients better, I will upload your gallery to either or both direct order companies if you choose to go that route.


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