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Oviedo Newborn PhotographyAs we continue to be in safer at home for Covid19, I wanted to share some tips on how you can take some Newborn Photos at home. These definitely do not replace having a professional photographer come in, but I’m hoping they can at least give you the opportunity to capture some photos of your new addition while you wait for your actual session. Please read below for some some tips you can apply easily with your camera phone!            Newborn baby swaddled in white blanket with white background in natural lighting.Natural Light & LocationI prefer to shoot in natural light (light from the windows). Be sure to open the blinds or curtains wide to let as much light into the room as possible. Also, turn off any lamps or ceiling lights in the room. This will give you as much natural light as possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                To keep things simple on locations I would recommend the nursery and master bedroom, this is where I typically capture newborn sessions. Take note on what times of day you these rooms have the most light coming in.                                                                                                                                                                Please clear the clutter in both rooms before doing your photos.  For the nursery I suggest just one blanket draped over the crib or no blanket is just fine too.                                                                                                                                                                         In the master bedroom I suggest clearing off the nightstands , make the bed, and fluff those pillows!Oviedo, FL Mom in green flowy dress with newborn in white swaddle standing in front of crib in nursery decorated with basketball jersey and baby's name on the wall.PHONE/CAMERA SETTINGS                                                                  The most important tip here is to turn off the flash. I recommend waiting until the baby is asleep so they stay still. A squirmy baby will lead to motion blur from them moving when you take the photo. Hold steady when taking your photos, and make sure you are doing photos during the brightest time of day on a sunny day.                                                                                  Another tip with iPhones is to tap the screen where you want the focus to be. You will notice a sun and a box come up, if you tap the sun and slide your finger up or down you can adjust the exposure. If you have portrait mode on your phone now is a great time to play with it!Oviedo Newborn PhotosSWADDLE BLANKET I like to keep things simple and natural, so I rarely use props. I recommend a swaddle blanket. You can find solid or patterned blankets on Amazon or Target online. It’s up to you on which style you prefer, I tend to use solid swaddle and sheets. Definitely use a solid if your crib sheet is patterned or your bedroom quilt is patterned. If those sheets are solid then you could go for a simple patterned swaddle blanket for a nice contrast.  I also recommend putting baby in a simple white onesie. This gives your photos a classic look that won’t look dated down the road. Plus the white helps bounce clean light onto baby’s face. I start with the baby in a onesie, swaddled in a blanket. Then do a set of photos with no swaddle for 2 different looks.Oviedo Newborn PhotographerDETAILS ARE IN THE ANGLES Take photos of your baby from different angles. Start directly over the baby (make sure your phone or camera is secure so you don’t drop it on them). Take a full body shot, then get closer and take a cropped body shot. Get the little details. Take close ups of their tiny features: eyes, ears, lips, fingers and toes.Mom standing with newborn baby swaddled in her arms, wearing a white flowy dress.  White background with natural light.GET IN THE PICTURE! Make sure to capture some photos with you and your baby! Take a few minutes and do your hair, put on some makeup & put on a solid colored dress (maxi dresses are great – cute & comfy)! Switch with your spouse so that they are also in some pictures (light solid color shirts are best.). Sit or stand near a window. Have the baby’s face facing the source of the light. Capture the natural interactions.Oviedo Newborn PhotographyEasy Editing TipsBy now you should have some great images you’re ready to edit, print, and share!  If you’d like to edit them before you share the first step is to download the FREE Lightroom Mobile app for your phone. If you are editing images you captured on your phone, simply connect the app to your camera roll. If you’re editing images you took on your DSLR, you’ll want to import them to your computer and then Airdrop or email them to your phone. Once you open the Lightroom app, you’ll select the image you want to edit from you camera roll on your phone and then you can edit as you’d like.  I hope these tips help you capture some nice photos of your precious baby, and hope I have the opportunity to capture your bundle professionally in the near future.

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