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Jocelyn Espejo Photography LLC grants a Limited Image Licensing & Print Agreement please refer to agreement and release received when downloading images for full details.


Branding session galleries will contain two folders of your portrait image files. Please back up these files in multiple places as soon as possible. USBs & hard drives often fail and having your files in multiple places can safeguard against losing your files. I can only keep them up on my share site for a limited amount of time. If the expiration date I listed in your share email isn’t enough time, just let me know, I will happily extend one time at no charge.


I LOVE it when my clients use their images. The whole purpose of your branding session was to help you uplevel your online presence so make sure you use what you’ve already invested in! For Instagram and Facebook I recommend using the ones in the Social Media Res folder, these are exported at lower resolution and should stay truer to the image once you share on social media – if you use one of the higher res files Facebook will try to shrink it for you and it isn’t always the best.

I just ask one small favor of you, if you wouldn’t mind crediting my work and not adding any filters or edits to it? I know it seems silly, but this is such an incredible way to say, “Hey, we hired Jo and we love what she did! I am proud to say that referrals are my main source of bookings, so when you credit me, it helps my business immensely! If you are unsure how to credit, all you have to do is add a caption or tag my business by typing in: for Instagram @joespejophoto or Facebook: @Jocelyn Espejo Photography. If that isn’t pulling up, you could simply include my website www.jocelynespejo.com!   Again, it seems like a small thing but it makes such a huge difference and means the world to me! If you have absolutely any questions for me about this, please let me know! I hope you enjoy each and every image and I can’t wait to see what you do with them!


My branding clients have personal print & limited business print release rights to their images.

Please use the “High Resolution File” folder containing your high res files for prints and other products.

  • CROPPING: Be aware that different sizes you choose to print will crop your images differently, (ie: an 8×10 will ‘chop’ off more than a 4×6 as the original image is in the 2:3 ratio) and some labs will take the liberty of cropping themselves if you do not do so beforehand or while uploading.
  • WHERE NOT TO PRINT: I strongly discourage the use of drugstore or discount internet photo labs. (Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Shutterfly, Snapfish, etc.) These utilize printing machines that make automatic color and contrast adjustments to images, causing your print to look vastly different than on screen.
  • WHERE TO PRINT: I can help you with all of your print needs.  I use a lab for professional photographer’s if you’d like prints, framed prints, canvases, albums etc… I also work with local print labs and can help you with business cards, brochures, marketing materials and have them professionally designed and printed. However, I know sometimes you like to do some creating on your own!  So, I have partnered with Mpix, a retail lab that I have found prints with a high standard. I can upload your images directly to Mpix if you prefer to go the route of printing on your own. I will upload your photos to a gallery on these sites to make product design/creation so much easier for you.
  • Print Labs:
    • Jocelyn Espejo Photography (via Miller Labs or Local Print Labs)
    • Direct Order Options: mpix.com*
      • *to serve my clients better, I will upload your gallery to their site and share a link for you to access for design.
  1. Sonya Culver says:

    An exciting and professional experience! Jo is so warm and encouraging throughout the process producing photos that rock! Thanks for the gorgeous branding photos!

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