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I met Amy Mitchell, aka Lady Amy, through a local Boss Mom’s group, fell in love with her eccentric personality and radiating confidence, and was intrigued by her love of all things British. Come to find out she has had a 20+ year obsession with Britain and the British culture. Special thanks to Prince well now King William and a trip to Britain when she was 14.

Orlando Branding Photography photo for Lady Amy of Houses of Windsor
Family Sunrise Session

Amy owns and operates Houses of Windsor. Starting out as a live event tea party company, then pivoting due to COVID, to an online British Tea Gift Shoppe. She loves the experience British tea creates and how it can aide in generating genuine social connections. Her driving passion is for her clients to feel connected, heard, seen, entertained, and intrigued.

Orlando Branding Photography photo of Lady Amy with Houses of Windsor

Amy is an example of someone who took a leap of faith to turn passion into an income. Capturing Amy’s branding photography session was so much fun!

Orlando Branding Photography - Houses of Windsor labels
Orlando Branding Photographer - Houses of Windsor tea canisters.

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