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Hello again lovely! 

My husband and I are both alums of The University of Central Florida. I don’t want to date myself, but we were both students long before the University became so popular. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved UCF. But its growth recently has been phenomenal. And as a college football fan, the attention we have received recently has been incredible. 

However, despite going to UCF, my husband is a die hard Miami Hurricanes fan. When people ask who we root for as a family, Jose will tell people that we root for the Hurricanes. Often, I will correct him and say I support the UCF Knights through and through. This usually follows with a head shake from Jose. I don’t care, you gotta stay loyal. 

This has caused an interesting divide in the household, as my son is now a Miami fan and my daughter sticks by me and roots for UCF! I thought about sharing some football highlights. Instead I wanted to remind my husband what a beautiful school UCF is with a digital tour through campus. All jokes aside, it’s really neat to see how far the school has come and the bright future ahead. And it brings a touch of nostalgia that never hurts. Enjoy! 

I want to hear about your favorite sport teams. Do they ruffle any feathers in your household? How do you show your support?

xo, Jo

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