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Holistic Health & Hormone Coach Shari Johnson posed with hands up in excitement.
Shari Johnson Holistic Health & Hormone Coach. Owner of Happy Vibes Health.

Branding by Jo Photography had the honor to work with Shari Johnson to capture her first ever professional brand session! Shari met Jo at the Branding You Workshop hosted by The J3 Collective at the Citrus Club Orlando. She knew then that a brand photography session was on the list to complete this year to help level up her brand presence.

Shari is the owner of Happy Vibes Health and is a Holistic Health and Hormone Coach. Her passion lies in helping women 40 years and older lose the stubborn weight gain (especially around the belly) and increase their energy. She does this by holistically balancing their hormones and biohacking their lifestyle so they can be confident enough in their skin that they can rock a cute pair of jeans!

So why is she so passionate about hormonal health for women?

Her journey started with her! She has been through some health crossroads in her life including endometriosis when she was 23 years old. Looking back she wishes that her doctor or someone would have given her insight on hormones or estrogen dominance, or how hormonal imbalance can cause pain. If so she would have included a more holistic approach to her disease post-surgery and maybe had a different journey.

Brand Session by Branding by Jo

“I don’t want any woman to not understand what is happening to her body hormonally. And, I want her to know the power she has to bring it all back to a healthy level. It’s just one reason I’m so passionate about helping women holistically balance their hormones.” Shari Johnson

Shari offers 1:1 private coaching and small hybrid group programs. Check out her website www.happyvibes.com or her Facebook Group for tips and to learn more. https://www.facebook.com/HappyVibesHealth

Branding by Jo

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