Wondering what the heck I’ve been up to? Time for a change.


Over the last 12+ years I have built my photography business from the ground up….and YOU have been a huge part of that! So let me start by saying, thank you. I have taken pictures of so many of your milestones from engagements, weddings, baby bumps, 1st year photos, families, senior/college grad sessions, branding and more and I am so incredibly grateful that you have allowed me to be a part of documenting your moments.

For years I have been considering specializing but I have had a hard time letting certain parts of my photography business go because I just love capturing all the moments I do.  I’ve been slowly narrowing down for years, easily eliminating some areas that severely conflicted with my family life balance (like weddings), yet struggling to let some of the others go. Because of this, I haven’t had a chance to really specialize my services which I feel will truly allow me to serve my clients and my family better.

Time for a Change

Change is never easy, but I am now ready to take make the commitment! I have decided to pivot my business and focus solely on branding. Phew. That.was.so.hard to put in writing. 

My heart has always been with my fellow momma’s and it has been the foundation of my business since the beginning – I am passionate about momma’s getting to be in the picture. It has brought me so much joy to see families grow and be there year after year to document moments that otherwise pass by so quickly. But now that my kids are older, my nights and weekends are more precious to me – so I want to cherish every moment I can.

With this shift I have also decided to name my branding business Branding by Jo Photography.  This decision was based on simplifying and honestly reducing the number of times my name gets mispronounced…. while on that subject I pronounce my name Jo – Celine, like Celine Dion, but really feel free to call me Jo.

Please take a peek at my updated website:

Family Photography

Does this mean that I am not doing family photography at all anymore? NO!  But it is going to look different. From here on out, I plan to offer a limited number of mini sessions each fall (and sporadically throughout the year) to my existing clients, and you won’t see family photos in my social media.

Sessions will be only 15 minutes (I can work quickly & efficiently so you will still get great photos) and will be less expensive than a full family session! I still hope to see all of my families year after year, just in a different capacity.  Want to receive info and updates on family mini sessions?  Please sign up by clicking below:

Why Branding?

This is truly where my heart has been drawn the last few years. Through my transition from working full-time in corporate America, with photography as a side hustle to fully  focusing on building my own thriving business doing what I love on my terms, I learned that fear and lack of confidence are what stood in my way of pursuing my own dream business full-time sooner.

Now I am passionate about empowering women to discover their confidence on camera and in their business so they can show up in their business, tell their brand story, inspire connection with their dream clients, community and even themselves as they build their dream business.

Thanks for listening.

I know I can be wordy, but you made it to the end! Thanks for hanging in there, and for hearing my heart.  I appreciate your support and I look forward to serving you even better in the months and years to come. 

 Let me know if you have questions about the changes that are coming.

xoxo, Jo

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