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Picking out outfits can be really tough sometimes, and then trying to prepare for a photoshoot can be even harder. I often get questions from clients about what they should wear, and I REALLY appreciate when they ask for my input. Flattering outfits=Flattering Photos, and I cannot photoshop unflattering outfits out of the picture.  Here are some things to avoid, and some things to focus on when picking out outfits.

  • {Leave the skin-tight stuff at home} Really tight clothing is not usually very flattering, even on the skinniest of people. It can make average people look heavier, can extenuate flaws, and probably is super uncomfortable in the first place, which causes extra insecurity during a shoot. My job is to make you look good, but when an outfit doesn’t fit properly, there is nothing I can do to make the pictures more flattering. Maternity photos do look great when the clothing is tight around the belly, but this is an exception to the rule.
  • {Iron your clothes & don’t wear clothes that pet hair and fuzz stick to} Wrinkles in clothes also do not photoshop very easily. Make sure your clothes are looking nice an ironed. On the same not, blacks and other fabrics that collect pet hair and fuzz will show in your photos.
  • {Bulky & Baggy is a No No} On the opposite extreme, super baggy clothing can also make someone look heavier than they are. Now I love the “flowy” loose look, but when things are way too big, it can take away the personality and attractiveness of the person in the photo. Please leave swimming to summer days at the pool!
  • {No Baseball Caps, Tennis Shoes, T-Shirts, Logos, or Athletic Sandals} When thinking about an outfit, try and dress up like you would for a Sunday morning church service with grandma.  Men, wear collared button up shirts (or something nicer than normal), and women, wear dresses, blouses, and cute shoes. You don’t want to look stuffy, but do try to wear nicer than average clothing. Some shoots you can get away with the casual look, but there is usually still not much room for the above attire (Tennis Shoes, Baseball Caps, Etc.).
  • {Pick your colors wisely} I absolutely LOVE color, and would say my photography style has a colorful twist usually, but sometimes color can be over or underdone. Stay away from super bright colors that encapsulate your whole body. By bright, I mean stuff like a “neon green” dress that might have the potential to take over the focus of your picture. You don’t want people to think that your photoshoot was for the cover of the movie “Flubber” (90s’ kids will understand) or an Austin Powers themed 1960s’ shoot (unless you really wanted it that way). If you use bright colors, use them sparingly! You can still wear a dress that is one color, you just want it to be a little more toned down than a neon.  And break it up with a belt, sweater, necklace, or et cetera. Also, if you are wearing a lot of neutrals, bring in a scarf or some jewelry that has a little bit of color. It will add some character to your clothing.  Never go for just a monotone look.
  • {Layers and Patterns} To add more depth to your look, bring in some layers or some patterns. Do not, I repeat, do not cover your body in a distracting pattern.  Floral dresses work well, but full body plaid probably would not look that great. Try and add a sweater, scarf, jewelry, belts, different layers of color, patterns, boots, and anything else that may add another “layer” to your look.  It is amazing what you can do to a simple outfit with the use of layering, kind of like the icing on the cake.
  • {Coordinating does not mean matching} We have all seen the Olan Mills studio pictures with the whole family wearing the exact same sweater (mullets & all), and I hope we NEVER go back to doing photos that way.  It is very outdated, and photography has come a long way since then.  I can sympathize though with trying to coordinate the family; it almost makes sense to have everyone wear the same thing, and picking out outfits is hard!  Don’t be discouraged, focus on a color scheme, and use bits and pieces of those colors (different shades, patterns, etc.) with a neutral white, gray, black, et cetera. Utilize the layering concept, and don’t feel like you have to all be wearing the exact same thing

If you have questions or need advice, please let me know. Also feel free to send me pictures of outfits!

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